Is Anyone Listening?
Sometimes everyone just feels like no matter how loud you might shout, you're just ignored - even by those closest to you.
This shot was taken in London's, Covent Garden, which is not known for being void of other people. As this image shows, there are two people right by this guy with the 'megaphone' and they are both ignoring him....which I think just emphasises the fact that no matter how loud you shout, sometime there it is as though nobody is listening.

What are you doing?
This guy came out of a kitchen in Covent Garden, and went straight to his mobile. Which is a sign of the times we live in. I like how he looks alone, and he's reaching out for contact with someone else. Yet in the background, there are people walking past which he appears to be completely unaware of.
Of course, he could have just been placing an order for more supplies. The columns disappearing into the distance behind, suggests of what he's left behind him in his life, or what he's turned his back on. Was the message he was sending the start of mending some of those bridges...?
Where are you?
Another shot from Covent Garden, and this tour guide looked quite lonely waiting for the next tour group. I wondered who she was contacting, and what was the message. Another in the theme of loneliness which developed through the course of the shoot.
London is one of the busiest cities in the world, yet whenever I go there it always amazes me how lonely everyone looks. The other crazy thing is that just 20 metres away, there were a couple of groups of tourists who were all looking at maps and guidebooks wondering where they were and what they were looking at. Had the seen this guide, would they have booked a tour? If you look at the umbrella, the offer is for free tours. Maybe sometimes we miss what is right in front of us.
What time will you be home?
This was taken at Charing Cross station, one of the railway terminus in central London. While I was waiting for my train, I saw this guy and I thought it was a 'symbol' of our times. Deeply engrossed in his mobile, while the world rushes on around him. The blurred image of a woman walking past adds to this.
Again, this being taken just after the previous three images, the sense of loneliness and isolation an individual can feel when surrounded by so many comes through. Deep in his own world staring at a small screen, and taken away listening to something on his headphones.
As ever when you see someone you don't know at a railway station, there are those questions of where are they going, where have they been, why does he have a set of symbols with him, is he looking at train times or contacting someone?
What book shall I read next?
Books feed your mind. They can be a source of support, they can educate or they can help you escape to another world. This book store is located on Charing Cross Road, which is a busy road leading from the very centre of London to Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street, two of the main shopping streets in the capital.
Amongst the hundreds of books, there was just this one persona looking at the window display. He was alone, and in this image appears isolated. In the early 21st century, many now don't bother with physical books, and have turned to e-books, or just browsing websites in preference to the escapism a book can provide. 
What book did this individual read next? I'll never know. 

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