Where is he? In NYC?
Girl waiting at a railway station, looking into the distance. With her clothing, I imagine her dreaming of a new life, and who knows, maybe meeting the man of her dreams. Meanwhile, a young guy of a similar age is walking towards her after getting his ticket. Is this the man of her dreams, right in front of her? 
Will they see each other?
Sometimes, what or who you are looking for is right in front of your eyes.
Where is she?
Workman checking his phone for a message. We're all slaves to our mobile devices now, and most feel a constant (and unhealthy!) need to check our messages. But if you're alone, working away from home with distance between you and a loved one, then it can be the only contact.
I have no idea what this guy is looking at. It could be sports betting, a message from a loved one, checking the weather, or an update on his worksheet for the day. All I could see was that he was on his own.
Where's my Mum?
This young child looks lost and alone, and searching for their mother. A bird flies across the bottom of the shot, also alone. The graffiti in the background suggest an element of danger and a lack of safety and wellbeing. I should make it clear that the child's mother was just to the right, out of shot, so was never in danger at any time.
I need to get away...
A woman with her luggage waits on the side of a rail track for the next train to the capital city. Is this the first step of the rest of her life? Is she leaving home, or is she just going on a vacation? 
As she looks to her right, lost in her own world, who or what is she thinking about? 
Running to a Stand Still
This shot just captures a young woman running for a train that's just about to leave. She had very little luggage with her, and looked like she was either on her way to or from a Gym. 
This was taken at a rail station in a remote town in Eastern Europe, and I've tried to capture the urbanisation with the black and white edit, combined with the graffiti on the train. It could also be a case that the young woman is rushing to get away, and to escape her current life.... or it could just be that she needs to get this train so she's not late for the Gym...

What are you talking about...?
This image could be absolutely anything! I like how the guy is tending to his hair, almost like he's trying to make sure that he looks his best for the woman he is sat with. Who is the woman? Is she his wife? Is she a friend? Or she she a new romantic interest? 
The light here just highlights both these people, and the darkness of the surrounding trees, shadows and 'street furniture' help to draw your eye onto the faces of these two. 
Neither are actually looking at each other, so you ask the question of what are they talking about, what is their relationship, what are they thinking? Either one of them could have just asked "what are you talking about....?"

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