Wannabe Rockstar...
You want to know what song he was playing? Well you'll have to hunt this guy out. He hit every note both on his guitar and vocally.
As with most things Italian, the setting, he clothing, and his performance all said 'style' to me.
Lost in the song, this shot just captures him looking into the distance. Was he remembering his lyrics, or was he dreaming of the day he performs in front of thousands.
He never knew I took this shot, but yes. I did put some Euros in the guitar case. 
I've edited this image in both black and white, and colour - with various different tones, and personally, each and every one of them works. One of my personal favourite images.
"Man, I tell you. This is what we gotta do...."
For a while now, I've been thinking (and trying!) to get a slightly more cinematic look and feel to my images. I may go all in with a dedicated portfolio at some point.
In the meantime, this couple grabbed me. They were chatting and quite animated. There are so many assumptions you could make here, so I'd prefer to think that there are so many questions you ask yourself.
What are they talking about? How do they know each other? What's in the bag!
Go into the light
Walking through a number of these alley's, the light wasn't great, but in this case it kinda acted as a spotlight. The girl walking someway in front of me just acted as a focal point, and everything seemed to just draw your eye to her. The light, the line of the buildings, the difference in paving. 
In my more thoughtful moments, I also look at this and see someone walking from the darkness into the light. Not in any other way than we all have dark moments where life is tough, and in those moments it's easy to forget that we're actually moving into brighter times ahead.
Maybe I'm reading too much into this shot though!
I need a break
This waiter was working the tables at the neighbouring restaurant, and doing a great job I have to say. 
Then, for a brief moment, he stopped, had a smoke, and got his mobile phone out and started searching messages, and sending a reply. I just thought this seemed "so Italian"!
I can't help but still look at this image and wonder who he's messaging? A wife, a lover, or is he checking the football scores!
The framing on this is also a bit of luck. The hint of the menus on the wall, the coke sign behind him, and the natural framing of the window I took the shot through. 
Along with the busker, another one I keep coming back to.
Ti amo....
I love you. This is a scene that you see quite a lot throughout mainland Europe. Padlocks on a gate on a bridge. 
These are locks of love, or you could maybe think that someone has locked the details of who has stolen their heart, and their love is waiting for the key to their heart....? Maybe that's an overly romantic thought though!
The contrast here is what grabbed me. Locks of love, with the contrast of the barbed wire intertwined.
As mentioned, these are usually found on bridges, but here there was a steel gate jutting out over the river along a footpath which had been used for the same purpose.

It's good to talk
These two women sat opposite me in a restaurant and ordered wine and pizza. Why wouldn't you!
The conversation was non-stop from both, and they seemed to have a lot to catch up on. Who and/or what were they talking about?
And more to the point, did they ever order that third bottle of Chianti...?
Life is great
I was actually taken by the frontage of this building, but as I took the shot, this young couple walked past hand in hand, and the guy was looking away into the distance.
Is he already thinking of something or somewhere else he'd rather be? Ignoring the Trattoria, I'm assuming that he's not thinking of food though. 
And what is in that bag....?

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