Temple Station
There's a TV show called "Temple" which I've grown to love and become slightly obsessed by.
If you've not seen it, it's about a surgeon who has an unlicensed operating theatre located in one of the hidden areas within Temple Station. As you can tell, it's not an NHS place, and is for the criminal elements of London. All fictional, of course!
So, it seemed appropriate to take this shot, which the light looks really cool on. I also really like the two guys walking past. With the phone box in the background, this could only have been taken in London!

Were are you?
At a busy road intersection this guy was oblivious to anything and everything around him. The lights changed three times while I watched, and he was still there. The sunlight came through the tall surrounding buildings to light him like a spotlight. 
I couldn't help but wonder who he was on the phone to. Who was he messaging? Were they replying? Did he ever get a reply at all?
Where are we going?
Kings Cross, St Pancras, so it can only mean a journey somewhere. And as it's also the main London terminal for the Euro-Star, possibly a trip to Europe. Any holiday can only be improved by starting with champagne and cocktails though, right?
The sunlight just broke though the skylight and lit the face of this woman for an instant, and made her glow. I hope it was a good and happy trip!
Why wont she reply?
This guy just stood out with his head in his hands, focused on his mobile and his laptop. He looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. It could have been a business thing, or it might have been trying to get hold of his loved one, who wasn't responding. 
The colours here looked really good, and the sunlight falling on the guy just seemed to be whiter than everywhere else in the coffee bar.
What are you looking at?
Another shot from Temple Station, and I'd intended to just get a shot of the entrance. However, this woman walked into frame, and then looked at me. I think she was caught between wondering what I was taking a photo of, or if she should get out of the way and she was ruining the shot. 
As it turn out, I think she makes the shot, and brings some focus and interest to the image.
Where do we go?
A group of lads who looked like they were on a 'weekend in London'. Maybe for a football match, maybe for the Six Nations rugby. What did look to be quite clear was that none of them seemed to have any idea of either where they were, or where they were meant to be going.
I've heard that they are still wondering around London now...
What time will I be back....?
This guy was sat in a coffee shop at Kings Cross, St Pancras, and had very little with him. I thought he might have had a coffee, or maybe a sandwich as it was about 10am. But he just had a bottle of water and an espresso.
As you can see, he was engrossed in his phone call, updating someone on where he was and when he was likely to arrive. Let's hope his train was on time and wasn't delayed.

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